Avail Irrefutable Defenses through Peoria IL Dog Bite Injury Lawyer

If you are the owner of a canine in Illinois, you will be legally responsible his/her unruly behavior. Your pet might have bitten or assaulted an individual. The plaintiff may hold you liable for the payment of compensation and may also subject you to criminalizing penalties. An experienced Peoria IL dog bite injury lawyer will help you put on effective defenses.

Injuries through Provocation

Your dog may feel tense in a strange surrounding. A dog is also very sensitive before and after childbirth, around her puppies, during his/her mealtime. A simple patting or teasing may make your pet animal behave aggressively. The plaintiff might have received biting or assaulting injuries due to his/her provoking behavior. This will provide you with an irrefutable defense.

Knowledge of Risks

You might have put a ‘warning sign’ on your front/back entrance reading “Beware of Dogs”. This sign will keep all the guests/neighbors/salespersons aware of the presence of an animal in your property. An individual may decide entering the premise in spite of this ‘warning sign’ and may receive biting injuries. This sign will be an excellent defense for you during lawsuit.

Trespassing Defense

A plaintiff has to be legally present on a property in order to receive any compensation after biting injuries in Illinois. If the plaintiff was trespassing or performing illegal activities on your property, your Peoria IL dog bite injury lawyer will present this fact at your defense.


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