Defend Your Self-Interest with Experienced Personal Injury Lawyers Canton IL

In Illinois, a plaintiff can only receive compensation after dog-bite injuries if he/she did not provoke or attack the animal in question. The personal injury cases involving dog-bite injuries usually depend upon two legal theories – ‘negligence’ and ‘strict liability’. The Illinois is a state that applies the rules of ‘strict liability’ in dog-bite injury cases. It is hard for a layperson to understand the legal definition of ‘strict liability’ properly. The judicious counsel of experienced personal injury lawyers Canton IL will guide you properly during a lawsuit.

You might have been unaware of the unruly behavior of your pet animal. You may think this will provide you with a supportive defense in Illinois. The presence of ‘strict liability’ will prevent you from claiming that defense. The provocation and trespassing are excellent defenses for the dog-owners of Illinois.

Defense of Provocation

The burden of proof lies upon the shoulders of the plaintiff. The injured person has to prove that your dog acted viciously without any provocation. The absence of provocation is hard to prove for a plaintiff without any credible witness.

Forbidden Territory

The injured person might have entered your premise without permission or with the intention of unlawful activities. The act of trespassing will prevent the plaintiff from filing any lawsuit with dog-bite injuries.

The expert personal injury lawyers Canton IL will help you structure irrefutable defenses in the Court of Law.