Receive Judicious Guidance from Dog Bite Lawyers Peoria IL

The nature and jurisdiction of a personal injury case will determine the fate of the defendant or plaintiff. A set of legal rules is expected to be followed in Illinois in the event of a dog bite injury. These rules are included within the ‘dog-bite’ statutes of Illinois. These statutes determine the ‘strict liabilities’ for the personal injury cases involving animal biting. You might have received biting injuries or your dog might have bitten someone else. The dog bite lawyers Peoria IL will keep you informed about the specifics of your case.

Crucial Evidences

If you are the plaintiff in a dog-bite injury case, you have to prove a certain crucial facts in the Court of Law. These facts will help you establish the liability of the owner of the dog. The facts you have to prove according to 510 ILCS 5/16 are as mentioned below.

•    You had the legal right to be present on the property of the owner. You were not participating in the act of trespassing.
•    The biting injuries occurred due to the attack of the animal.
•    You did not provoke the animal and was not responsible for his/her biting in anyway.

The “Strict Liability” statute of Illinois will also let you claim compensations for your injuries other than biting. The experienced dog bite lawyers Peoria IL will be able to clarify the facts and guide you judiciously.